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Cataway is a class project for an interaction design class. I developed this project from ideation and developed a medium-fidelity prototype using Axure.

The Problem

Pet owners experience stress related to finding pet sitters they can trust and making sure they are getting the right care while they are away. Currently, there are databases for pet sitters; however, a pet owner needs to go to each pet sitter one by one, contacting them individually to find availability, and then finding additional time to interview and arrange for a key pick up. This can be a time consuming and difficult process for pet owners.

The Solution

Cataway is a neighborhood cat-sitting application. The application will work similarly to couch-surfing. Users can request a cat sitter or they can offer cat sitting services. Users can link to their Facebook or Linkedin profiles for verification and can obtain reviews to gain credibility. Users are already cat owners and would make the ideal pet-sitters. Benefits of this application would include: improved neighbor relations, improved neighborhood safety, and monetary savings for pet owners.

Connect Pet Owners

Connect local pet-owners to create mutually beneficial pet sitting services. This application would require creating user profiles for pets and pet-owners, forums for pets to get advice, and Q and A for their pets, reviews and show verification through social networks, show availability for pet-sitting.

Connect Pet Owners and Sitters

Creating a better way for owners to connect with pet sitters. This approach would require pet-sitting profiles. Users should easily be able to see availability, cost, and any potential discounts for extended stays. Users would be able to pay with a credit card and really able to quickly and easily find an appropriate pet sitter.

Sitter Comparison

Provides different options for pet-owners to choose between traditional pet sitters and their neighbors. This is a combination of the first two approaches and provides different options for pet-owners. In some cases neighbors may not be available to pet sit and owners may require a traditional pet sitter. This will serve as a backup and provide owners with both options. This will provide an interactive environment for both pet owners and pet sitters. Pet sitters can even improve their reputation and by answering questions and building reputation within the neighborhood.

cataway sketches
cataway sketches


design option1
design option2

paper prototype
paper prototype


Upon entering the homepage, the user has the option to become a cat sitter or find a pet sitter. When looking for a at sitter, users can type in their location, enter the dates needed, and number of cats.

paper prototype
Search and Sitter Results

Next, users can see the cat sitters in their area that match their search results. Detailed profile information and reviews as well as date availability can be found for the user to evaluate the sitter. Accounts are verified by connecting social media accounts including: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Photos of the owners and their cats are also available, so users can be at ease and know that the cat sitter not only has a cat of their own but also has first hand experience taking care of cats. Users can contact the cat sitters directly from their profile page. Once submitted the user is prompted to set his/her availabilty to cat sit for others.

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paper prototype
Sitter Availability and Preferences

When the user wants to be a cat sitter, he/she fills out his/her calendar availability and preferences. The user can indicate the number of cats he/she is willing to watch as well as travel radius and other chores he/she is able to perform.

paper prototype